Frank the Frog

Mr. Will

Interactive children's music the whole family can enjoy!

Hey Folks- It's nice to be back in the saddle releasing new children's records! This is collection of original, traditional, and "songs by my buddies". My buddies include three new dads that wrote kids songs with or for their kiddos."Junebug Knockin on the Screen Door"was written by longtime friend and Alpine, TX resident Neil Trammell. "The Eatin Song" is by Austin artist Graham Wilkinson, who made his own kids record with his twin two year olds. "A Little Bit Longer" is by Austin musician Lew Card and his 2 year old daughter Josephine. We went almost strictly acoustic with this record, I kinda wanted to get back to what I knew and loved with the South Austin Jug Band. I used Brian Beken on Fiddle and Mandolin, and Noah Jeffries on banjo and guitar from the progressive acoustic band Milkdrive. Everyone else who plays on the record is in my "adult" band, La Tampiquena, who also serve as the "Mr. Will" band. Thanks so much for listening! About the title track: I was sitting on my back porch in Austin, strumming the guitar, when it started to rain. We've got an old tree stump that is hollowed out, and as long as we've lived there we've had what I assumed were frogs. They usually only come out when it rains, and I guess you could say inspiration struck? I wrote the first three verses of the song and we went to record it. Fiddler Brian Beken wanted to know the back story of ole Frank, and when I told him, he said," Bro, that ain't no Frog, that's a toad." So the fourth verse nearly wrote itself. Ha!

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